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Financial Reports


We are pleased to announce that we now offer hassle free/simple Financing to our clients.
We have added this tool for any fees $1000 or above.
We understand how hard it is to run a business, we are here to help. 

Don't let cost hinder you from getting the services that your business desperately needs. 
We are now offering bundle packages to help our business owners stay compliant and organized so that you have one less worry in running your business.
Now, there's nothing stopping you from growing and excelling in your business. 

Step 1: Fill out the short pre-approval form. This runs a soft pull on your credit and does not have any negative impact or inquiry on their credit score. This process takes approximately 60 to 90 seconds.

Step 2: Select your loan from offers from our lending partners, choose the one that best fits your needs

Step 3: Once you select your offer, complete the full application which does run a hard pull on your credit to confirm your identity and information you submitted. This process takes approximately 5 minutes.

Step 4: Once the funds are deposited into your account, The Ultimate Tax Experience will debit your account for the agreed upon amount for the services you want, plus the 5% fee for the total amount borrowed for using this service. 

How Businesses Get in Trouble
With Taxes

Think you can't afford to pay for services that your business needs? Honestly, you can't afford not to. 

Tax Avoidance vs. Tax Evasion

Under-Reporting Business Income

Over Reporting Expenses

Not Reporting Sales and Employee Tax

Lifestyle and Tax Fraud

General Fraud Statutes and Penalties

Incorrect/ Incomplete Books

No receipts/ Substantiation of Expense 

Paying Partners/ Owners Incorrectly 

Inflating  Expenses

Using Tik -/Tok/ Twitter tax strategy

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